Phone security often causes attention to every user. Undoubtedly, you are concerned about the various threats coming out every day. It is possible for you to avoid these threats and keep your phone safe. Here are some tips to help you protect your phone.

1. Only Install Trusted Apps

One of the smart tips is to only install apps from the manufacturer app stores or Google Play Store. Any third-party store installing should be careful before downloading.

2. Install A Security App

Download security app to detect the virus and protect your phone all the time.

3. Root Your Device

Rooting means taking control of your device by yourself, including installing security software and gaining early access to Android software updates. Rooting can help you understand the risk and be careful to install the new app.

4. Lock Your Screen

Password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint, several choices for you to lock up the home screen. Keep your phone away from snoopers and protect your privacy.

5. Find My Device

In case of losing the phone and leaking your data, Find My Device will help to lock up your phone remotely and track the location. Remember to turn on the option in “Security and privacy”.

6. Don’t Click Strangers’ Link

The message with a link from the unknown number or email address is never safe. It may have a virus in it and hack into your phone.

Hope these tips will help you get a safe Android phone and far away from the virus.