What exactly is cache?

The cache is these temporary data files from web pages you’ve visited in the past, including photos, snapshots, images and data from the web. With these cache files, your online experience or website pages run more smoothly.

A cache file is only useful to the matching app or web page. Mostly, cache files work invisibly and continuously in the background. You barely notice them.

Why do we need to clear cache?

Cache files don’t have to be cleared very often. There are some reasons for you to clear the cache.

1.Make the browser to retrieve the newest data from the website. It should be done automatically, but sometimes things go wrong.
2.404 errors or 502 errors may because of cache-corrupted.
3.It helps to free up space on your phone.
4.Clear cache files can also help to clean malware.

How to clear cache?

These are easy steps to delete individual cache files for your Android phone.
1.Open Settings, then tap Storage in the menu.
2.Tap Cached data, then tap OK.

With some Android phone, you may need to clear cache for each app individually.
1.Open Settings, then tap Storage in the menu.
2.Tap Other Apps. Then, you’ll see the list of all the apps installed on your phone.
3.Choose an app, tap the Clear Cache option.

Attention: It is different between clearing cached data and your app data.

After clearing cache files, the browser may take extra time to load new data. Clear cache files every couple of weeks is enough. Remember, clearing cache files won’t lose any data but clearing app data will.