Why your phone gets hot?

It seems like every phone will get overheated once in a while. That’s the indication from your Android phone to tell you it needs to take a break. Battery issue or overwhelmed processor can be the reason.

If you were playing games or watching videos for hours, your smartphone might be overdriven. GPS navigation, malware, compromised apps or software update issues may also cause Android phones overheated.

How to cool down your Android phone?

  1. Close the background app. If there are too many apps running background, the phone is overloaded. Close all these apps and the phone will cool down in a few minutes.
  2. Update the software. If there are no obvious hardware problems, try to update the pending software or apps.
  3. Only downloading trusted apps. Malware is a risk, because it might cause your phone overheated by automatically running in the background. Keep your Android phone protected from malware. Installing security apps.
  4. Reset your phone. If your phone still gets hot, reset to factory settings. Always remember to back up your data first.

How to prevent your Android phone from overheating?

This situation happened a lot when you constantly using your phone. There is something you can do to prevent it.

  1. Keep your phone out of the sun or never leave it into a hot car.
  2. Don’t leave your phone on your bed or couch when charging.
  3. Keep your OS up to date.