Battery draining problem really bothers everyone. And if you realize it starts to drain, you need to do something with it.

First of all, you should know how to detect battery drain on Android. The good news is that you don’t need to install another app. Go to “Settings” and tap “Apps & notifications.”

Next, tap “See all apps” ,  find “Google Play services” and click that.

Tap “Advanced” then check what it says under “Battery.”

What percentage of battery has been used since the last full charge?

Turning Off Auto-sync

More than one account connected to Google Play Services could cause the battery drain issue. You can fix this by turning off auto-sync for various accounts.

Go to “Settings -> Accounts, ” check each account to see whether syncing is switched on or off.

If it shows “Sync on,” tap “Account sync” to go into that app and control the various syncing options for that app.

If auto-sync is very important to you for a given app, then leave it on and try turning off auto-sync on the less important apps first.

Sync Errors
If Google Play Services can’t sync data, it may send sync errors to you. These errors can also be the reason why you have to charge your phone more than before. 

You can also close some “Location” permissions to save battery use.