It’s common for everyone to delete a text message from our phone and then realize that important information was in that message. There is no trash can for you to find it back. At the moment you delete, it’s gone.

However, the data is still saved in memory. Only if something new on your phone needs space to save, the space with your message on it will save the new data. And the memory will be overwritten.

Luckily, there are some steps that might help to recover the message.

Date Protection

At the time you delete the message, put your phone on “Airplane mode”. It will help to protect your data in memory. Do not give new information the chance to download onto your phone. Try not to use the camera or any apps that may create new data.

Use Third-Party Software

To restore your text message, you will need third-party software. But that might cause some money. Search “data recovery for android”, find the one you like.

The software might need you to boot your phone. And it opens up access to every part of the phone. It’s easy to cause errors in your phone, so be careful.

What You Should Do

Back up your messages. Most Android phones have the option to backup your message. If it’s not, download a third-party messaging app or backup software. A third-party messaging app usually has powerful features like backup, restore. If you want to delete an entire conversation, it asks for confirmation.

To avoid bad thing happened in the future, take preventive measures and backup your text message in advance.